Film Series and Price

ECOBLUE window film is available in various series. All ECOBLUE film models are specially produced to have high solar heat rejection  and able to block infrared radiation  between  90-99% to ensure that users comfort in every ride . To ensure  the confidence of users, all ECOBLUE film models have been checked their solar raditiaon properties and  heat reduction efficiency with the Spectrophotometer model "ELMER PERKIN model LAMBDA 250" that is used in  energy-saving glass industry worldwide.









AUTO Film Series



ECOBLUE MAX-NEV is  a economical film with nano carbon combined with inorganic ceramic. ECOBLUE MAX-NEV is suitable for users requiring better heat reduction efficiency than ordinary window film but affordable cost.   ECOBLUE MAX-NEV reduces infrared up to  90% with high protection of UV radiation.   More>>>



Special edition of ECOBLUE window film which is available only at "auto center". ECB series offers high heat protection than general  metallic and ceramic window film. By reducing heat radiation from sunlight (infrared) by up to 95%, you will feel  cooler and comfortable at once sitting in the car.   More>>>



ECOBLUE MAX-HT is the innovative window film  designed specially for users  who want the latest solar heat protection performance. With advanced technology combining mulatilayers metallic molecules and systhesis nano-titanium ceramic layers  up to 9 layers with magnetron sputtering process, ECOBLUE MAX-HT is a high-heat reduction film that maintains greater clarity and durability. More>>>



ECOBLUE MAX-VK is the best technology of window  film from ECOBLUE. With the innovation of "12 layers of hybrid Silver molecules coating, ECOBLUE MAX-VK is the only film that can truely reflects the heat radiation higher than 30%", reducing infrared 97%. If you are looking for the best window film, ECOBLUE MAX-VK is the answer. More>>>

Building Film Series


Film Darkness Percentages

Technology of the Future


Every model of ECOBLUE window films is specially formualted so that they poss the Spectrally Selective Technology that reduces infrared radiation and almost 100% of UV rays  while allowing light pass trought. This technology is the main factor that makes you feel instantly cool when using ECOLBUE film.  Some films in the market might  organic matter to absorb infrared rays instead of inorganic ceramics. These organic substances will gradually decay and  the heat reduction value of the film greatly will be lower after using the film for a period of time.  Note:  some nanoceramics have the special property that their colar will get darken when exposed to UV rays or heat. Therefore, sometimes the film may change color after using it for a while.

Price List

You can choose from a variety of ECOBLUE window films to suit your needs in terms of thermal efficiency and film characteristics. Every installation package has a main feature of screening heat in the sunlight (Spectrally Selective). This technology is only available in the high-quality film.  ECOBLUE  film  reduce upto 99% of the infrared radiation in 900-2500 nanometre to ensure that once the film is installed, you immediately feel cool and comfortable to drive.  For your best interests, please  always consult the distributors to get the best film according to your budget and needs. 

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