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 i-GARD SAFECOAT Security Window Film
i-Gard is the simplest  way to instantly increase the strength of glass. High strength clear and thick film will unnoticeably absorb forces and minimize the loss from broken glass, intrusion, accidents and natural disasters. If you want to be safe, install i-GARD braces....

ECOBLUE Window Film

ECOBLUE, the Innovative window film with spectrally selective IR filtering technology, can reduce both heat radiation up to 98% and  UV-B, UV-A UV400 rays. Film is available in both transparency and privacy dark appearance...More 


LAMKOOL Energy Saving Safety Glass

For new buildings, Lamkool, an innovation energy saving glass, provides both security and heat reduction by combining the technology of safety glass and advanced nano-ceramics polymerization to reduce heat perfectly....More >


ARMORGLAZ Security Glass

A high performance secutiry glass, ARMORGLAZ, is the pinnacle of visible protection technology beyond the limits of any other safety glass. Let you worry-free every moment ...More

SOLARCLEAN Self Clean Coating
An innovative self-cleaning glass coating will change the normal glass to self-cleaning glass. Less problems with dirty glass that are difficult to clean. ...More
i-Koat: Heat Stop Coating
heat reducing glass coating Innovation to reduce heat instead of installing light filter film. When the installation of the film is not possible .More

3 Reasons to Choose ATSYS


 Innovation and Technology

Atsys focuses on using innovation and cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers will be able to solve problems effectively and satisfactorily under the customers conditions


Suitable for Budget 

With a concept on each customers' available budgets, ATSYS offers each customers the option plans to select the right technology level for their budgets. and get a cost-effective solution


Consultant for Your Problem

At ATSYS, we are committed to providing consultative services to  ourc ustomers. We will help customers find the most suitable solutions  and provide the product technical service  from our experienced service team.

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