i-gard spf

i-Gard SPF  is innovatively developed by comping Thermoplastic polyurethanecan and nano ceramic material, which results in the superb external film that can absorb heat and dramatically accelerate the rate of heat dissipation.

i-Gard SPF  keeps your vehicle relatively cooler so that you will embrace a brand-new driving experience while enjoying the exteranl environment.

Moreover, i-Gard SPF  can blocks 99% of these harmful UV, providing long-term protection that preserves and prevents fading and discoloration of your car’s interior and also from skin damage. Besides, the safety of i-Gard SPF  is improved due to the excellent thickness and i-Gard  SPF can withstand the harshest conditions and damage with ease.

Product advantages:
- Four times thicker than other  product thickness (2 mil);
- High heat insulation value and high gloss;
- Simple installation on the outside of the car sunroof.

Product Features

High Solar Heat Rejection

i-Gard SPF reduces heat radiation (infrared) from sunlight by up to 97% saving fuel cost.


Non Signal Interferences
 i-Gard SPF does  not  interfere with communication signals such as GPS or Toll pass. So you can reach your destination sooner.

Thermal Induced Self Healing 
i-Gard WPF comes with special self-healing surface which when exposed to heat, fine scratches will disappear and film will be like to its original condition, appearing to be smooth and seamless.

Water Repellant Surface
Excellent hydrophobic property provides optically-clear visibility to the driver in rain. I-Gard SPF also has self claeaning function for  easy cleaining.

UV Rejection

99% UV rejection to protect driver and passenger's skin and interior protection

High Transparency and Clarity

With low visible light reflectance and hight visible light up to 90%, i-Gard WPF offers clear and safe vision for everyday driving


i-gard spf

Product Specification

Thickness8 mil
MaterialThermal Poly Urethane
ColorLight Blue Green
Visible Light75%
Infrared Rejection95%
UV Rejection99%
Tensile Strength15.3 MPa
Puncture Strength13.4 N
Tearing Strength42.5 N/mm

Sunroof Protection Film

i-gard SPF
i-gard swf
i-gard swf

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