Problem with dirty building glass

 and PM2.5 polluted air around the building?

An innovative self-cleaning glass coating that makes ordinary glass able to clean itself. With solar energy, you don't worry about the problem of cleaning the dirty glass anymore.


Building glass is cleaner.

SOLACLEAN helps building glass to keep clean for a long time without frequent cleaning. Building always look new and beautiful. SOLARCLEAN makes it easy to keep the building glass as new as possible. It only needs sunlight and rain to clean the glass.

The air is cleaner.

SOLARCLEAN can decompose volatile organic compounds that blow through the surface, such as vehicle exhaust, toxic gases. Therefore it helps reducing the amount of VOCs and  improving the weather conditions around the building 


Save time and money

Glass cleaning is a waste of time and money. Either hire or do it yourself, when using SOLARCLEAN, the mirror cleans itself by the power of nature. Makes the glass cleaner for longer than the building is beautiful, clean, uniform, saving time and cost of cleaning.

More economical and safer

Glass cleaning can become time consuming, costly and dangerous. However, with SOLARCLEAN, the need for glass cleaning is reduced. and various accidents related to cleaning can therefore be avoided.


SOLARCLEAN is an innovation for cleaning outdoor glass with nanoparticle coating modilied Titanium Dioxide. A normal glass will be able to clean itself within 1 week after coating.  SOLARCLEAN will clean the glass in 2 steps. This effective cleaning process will occur at all times, even at night. with the power of nature. The glass facades of the building are kept clean and beautiful for longer, reducing cleaning costs. See solarclean in action here. >> Find out how solarclean wors


1). Stain removal process, Photocatalyst reaction In Solarclean, when the glass is exposed to sunlight will reduce static electricity:  grease stains and organic dust trapped on the glass surface will gradually was also decomposed. 

Photocatalyst is a chemical reaction with light by absorbing ultraviolet radiation or light. causing various electrochemical charges which produce hydroxyl radicals (Hydroxyl is 3 times more effective than chlorine. and 1.5 times better than using ozone) in the air that can decompose various microorganisms or decompose small organic particles without the use of harmful chemicals.


 2). Cleaning  Step: the dirt stains are easily washed away when there is enough water running through the glass surface. Water will flow in sheets, not dripping. Water droplets on the glass surface will radiate (Super Hydrophilic), so less stains will occur and glass surface remains clear.

Super Hydrophilic is a reaction that causes water droplets attached to a surface to spread into a thin film. That's when the waterfall hits the surface of the building glass, the water droplets then gather in a sheet that flows down to the bottom. This action reduces the adhesion of water droplets. The  building glass then are cleaned. The dust stains that sticks to the building's glass surface will be washed away easily as long as there is sufficient water flowing through it. This will clean the building wall surfaces easier than by washing  the glass with the water droplets scattered.

SOLARCLEAN ช่วยลดปัญหา PM2.5 ได้อย่างไร

Several studies and experiments have shown that the use of reactive substances Photocatalyst. It can help reduce the amount of organic carbon PM2.5 PM10 particles, including various toxic gases caused by the combustion of the engine Read more. Read more..>>


However, for the person cleaning the window; if this person is not informed of the presence of self cleaning windows then it is highly probable that the windows will be damaged. Unfortunately, once the coating has been damaged, repair is impossible.

Depending on the local conditions, you can expect your self-cleaning window treatment to last for between 3-10 years.

To remove difficult stains, use a soft cloth and solvent-free soapy water. Rinse and repeat the process if necessary. For really stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive liquid glass cleaner. Always use a clean cloth and do not rub dirt or debris from your cloth onto the surface of the glass

A simple test is to spray water at the surface and compare it with ordinary glass,. You will see the water sheet off the glass rather than form lots of rivulets. Silicone-contaminated surfaces will also form rivulets similar to ordinary glass.

When self-cleaning glass coating solarclean has been  applied, it may take up to seven days to become fully activated. This is because the activation of the glass occurs via a chemical reaction between UV rays from natural daylight, oxygen and the coating

Self-cleaning glass is a specific type of glass with a surface that keeps itself free of dirt and grime. The field of self-cleaning coatings on glass is divided into two categories: hydrophobic and hydrophilic. Solarclean is hydrophillic.

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