Windshield Protection Film is a highly functional window film specially manufactured based on outstanding Optical Design Technology and advanced Coating Technology. Unlike conventional window films, i-Gard WPF Windshield Protection film is applied to the outside of the vehicle windshield to provide much more safe driving against the impact of various external road hazards such as stone chips, doubling up windshield’s strength. In addition, it prevents the scattering of glass fragments when the windshield is damaged due to strong impact,
thus minimizing the secondary damage of the passengers. i-Gard WPF Windshield Protection Film aims to lead industry's standards with advanced hydrophobic, anti-fouling and sctrach-resistance performance.

While raining, i-Gard WPF improves visibility and provides the surface with strong hydrophobic and “easy to clean effect” properties. It also does not change the surface color and is completely invisible. Higher safety on the road. Remove the need of using windshield wipers when you’re going above 40 mph. Your exterior windscreen gets hydrophobic properties, that causes water drops to bead up and fall off giving you a crystal clear view during harsh weather conditions.


Special Features

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i-gard wpf
Doubling up windshield’s strength, Windshield helps absorb shocks caused by flying objects such as gravel, debris, etc., to minimize damages to the glass.
i-gard wpf

Water Repellant Surface

Excellent hydrophobic property provides optically-clear visibility to the driver in rain or snow

i-gard wpf

Thermal Induced Self Healing 

i-Gard WPF comes with special self-healing surface which when exposed to heat, fine scratches will disappear and film will be like to its original condition, appearing to be smooth and seamless.

i-gard wpf

Chemical Resistant

i-Gard WPF stands up to chemical components like windshield washer fluid, gasoline,  bugs remains or most anything with an acidic component. Your car is exposed to many of these things on a daily basis, so it’s important  for being highly chemical resistan

i-gard wpf
High Transparency and Clarity

With low visible light reflectance and hight visible light up to 90%, i-Gard WPF offers clear and safe vision for everyday driving. 

i-gard wpf

 UV Rejection

99% UV rejection to protect driver and passenger's skin and interior protection


i-gard WPF
ItemDataTest Standard
VLT87%ASTM E-1175
UVR99%ASTM E-1175
IRR15%ASTM E-1175
TSER18%ASTM E-1175
Thickness100 micron
Tensile Strength31800 psiASTM D-638
Breaking Strength100 lbs/sqiASTM D-638
Peel Strength3.5-4.5 lbs/sqiASTM D-903-98


Will i-Gard WPF windshield protect film impairs the driver’s vision?
No. This kind of film is optically clear and guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack or yellow for the warrantied life of the product. When installed properly, It’s truly invisiable.

Will i-Gard WPF  windshield protect film be permanent?
No. This film protects the windshield from harsh conditions that often break or chip standard windshields. Being a film,it should occasionally be removed and replaced to provide the best protection for the windshield. The need and timing to replace the film is depends upon the km driven and the conditions in which those km are accumulated.

Will i-Gard WPF  windshield protect film remains adhered to the windshield at fast speed?
The adhesive is strong enough to withstand any speeds that a vehicle may reach. It is even strong enough to withstand speeds reached by professional racing vehicles.

i-gard wpf
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