Advanced Technology in ECOBLUE

ECOBLUE window film is an innovative film with high heat rejection efficiency. ECOBLUE is made from multilayer crystal clear, flexible, tough and durable polyester layers with multilayers nano ceramic molecular coating. Varied by means of multi-Layer Sputtering or Multi-Layer inorganic Coating technolgoy,  various special ceramic nanoparticles layers up to 9 layers of silver and synthesised ceramic are coated on PET film.  ECOBLUE has special property of blocking mainly infrared heat and UV rays in sunlight from passing through the film layer (Spectrally Selective Infrared Filtering). However, ECOBLUE film allows visible light to pass through as much as 70%, giving clear vision and low reflection. ECOBLUE does not interferewith communication signal interference such as GPS or mobile phones. Hence, ECOBLUE window film is the ultimate heat shield and suitable for use with residential and automotive glass.. ... More

ECOBLUE Features

ECOBLUE window film reduces heat radiation (infrared) from sunlight by up to 98%. MORE...

ECOBLUE window Film has the most advanced solar spectrum filtering properties. More...

ECOBLUE window film allow up to 70% of light transmittance with low reflection, offering comfortable and high clarity.
ECOBLUE window film reduces UV rays upto 99% and comes with UVA, UVB and UV400 filter in special series.  Furthur information of UV rays damage, visit  UV danger(Thai)
ECOBLUE window film does  not  interfere with communication signals such as GPS or Toll pass.
With 50 microns thickness and special adhesive layer ECOBLUE window film  holds the glass in place so it doesn't fall off when broken, more safety.

6 Reasons Why You Shoud Use ECOBLUE Window Film

Ecoblue Film Series

ECOBLUE window film is an innovative ceramic film that reduces and reflects infrared radiation, providing more UV protection than ordinary metallic films.   >> see more details of different film types and models >> Film series
ecoblue max ecb

MAX-ECB Series

Special edition of ECOBLUE window film which is available only at "auto center". ECB series offers high heat protection than general  metallic and ceramic window film. By reducing heat radiation from sunlight (infrared) by up to 95%, you will feel  cooler and comfortable at once sitting in the car.


MAX-NEV Series

ECOBLUE MAX-NEV is  a economical film with nano carbon combined with inorganic ceramic. ECOBLUE MAX-NEV is suitable for users requiring better heat reduction efficiency than ordinary window film but affordable cost.   ECOBLUE MAX-NEV reduces infrared up to  90% with high protection of UV radiation. This special film  is available through car distributor and accessories shop network nation wide.


MAX-HT Series

ECOBLUE MAX-HT is the innovative window film  designed specially for users  who want the latest thermal protection performance. With advanced technology combining mulatilayers metallic molecules and systhesis nano-titanium ceramic layers  up to 9 layers with magnetron sputtering process, ECOBLUE MAX-HT is a high-heat reduction film that maintains greater clarity and durability, superior to other conventional ceramic films.


MAX-VK Series

ECOBLUE MAX-VK is the best technology of window  film from ECOBLUE. With the innovation of "12 layers of hybrid Silver molecules coating, ECOBLUE MAX-VK is the only film that can truely reflects the heat radiation higher than 30%", reducing infrared 97%. If you are looking for the best window film, ECOBLUE MAX-VK is the answer.

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