Why is the tinted glass hotter than that without tint.

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Window tinting can affect the way heat is absorbed and emitted by the car's windows. Tinted windows typically absorb more heat from sunlight compared to untinted windows, which can make them feel warmer to the touch.

Window tinting works by blocking a portion of the sun's infrared radiation, which is responsible for heat. When you touch a tinted window, it may feel hotter because it has absorbed more of this infrared radiation and retained more heat than an untinted window, which reflects more of the heat away.

Additionally, tinted windows can reduce the amount of visible light passing through, which can contribute to the perception of warmth when touching the glass, as darker colors tend to absorb more light and heat. So, the combination of reduced infrared radiation and reduced visible light transmission can make tinted windows feel hotter to the touch compared to untinted windows.

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