The adaptive photochromic safety glass that can block 99% of the solar infrared  from ATSYS

Lamkool Dynamik was developed from the original LAMKOOL glass  based on military  Stealth Technology using rare earths to absorb electromagnetic waves that causing localized surface plasmon resonance, (LSPR) and selective spectral filtering.

Localized surface plasmon resonance, LSPR, is the outer electron resonance between Infrared rays in sunlight with the surface coated with 37 types of rare mineral nanomolecules. Infrared rays in sunlight will be converted to the heat and accumulated in the glass. And these various minerals make the coating can be chosen so that  the desired magnetic solar wavelength range can be absorbed and blocked. This phenomenon creates a characteristic called Spectrally Selective Filtering in which infrared and UV rays are absorbed and converted to heat, while the visible light will pass through the glass. The accumulated heat is vented from the glass by the convection by air flowing over the surface.



The nanomolecular coatings of minerals are characterized by a temporary structural change when exposed to sunlight (UV rays), increasing their absorption of magnetic waves during certain periods of sunlight. This results in less light passing through the glass layer (darker) to approximately 15-30%, which the intensity of the glass depends on the duration and intensity of sunlight. In general, the average intensity is 40% when the glass is exposed to sunlight all day. And the glass will be restored to its original condition in 5-15 minutes when no UV rays hit the glass. make it in the daytime Glass will reduce heat better. Helps control excessive glare during daytime. But the building will not look too dark at night.
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คุณสมบัติ Properties
แสงส่องผ่าน Visible Light65-15%
การลดรังสีอินฟาเรด  IR Rejection99%
การลดรังสียูวี UV Rejection99%
ลดความร้อนความ Total Solar Energy Rejected52-68%

Test values for glass thickness 3+3 mm. Tested according to standards. ISO9050:1990(E) LBNL OPTIC 5.1 and NFRC 100-2010 summer LBNL window 7.6 The values listed are for reference only. Actual performance values may differ from actual usage and manufacturing tolerances.

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